Deon Ellis’s story is a beautiful example of the NOAH community coming together and working as one to provide care and love to their fellow companion. Deon joined the NOAH community in March 2022 and sadly fell ill with cancer in October later that year.


At this point the NOAH compassion ‘machine’ kicked in! Realising Deon’s wish to walk on the beach whilst he was still well enough – this was arranged, leaving his friends with memories and photos of happy times.



A doctor was on hand, liaising with St Luke’s Hospice, assessing pain control and adjusting Morphine doses as needed. The NOAH kitchen staff prepared a special diet according to his changing needs. Carers provided exceptional care 24hrs a day.  The Selling Seconds staff provided warm and comfortable clothes and tastefully decorated his room to feel like home.


House members supported Deon through his illness to the very end. Strangers became friends and ultimately his family. Deon died with dignity, knowing he was loved.

A Tribute to Deon Ellis