Beloved Woodstock NOAH resident, Audrey Cupida (73) shed a happy tear when she wrote her name for the first time in over 60 years at an art class run by NOAH’s Happiness programme.


Growing up without her parents led to Audrey leaving school in Std 4. At the age of 19 she developed severe arthritis which left her hands and feet severely deformed. She always relied on others to write for her.


“I couldn’t even make a fist but I tried and by the end of the class I wrote my name and drew a cat, flower and a house. This is like a dream!’’


The Happiness Programme aims to develop our resident’s knowledge, attitudes, values and skills. If you can support this wonderful initiative with art resources (e.g. boards for clay, basins, aprons, plastic cloths, and stationery) please contact Bonny Diener bonny@noah.org.za or 021 447 6334.

“After 60 years I can write my name!!”