For the past 2 years NOAH has worked alongside residents to journey from dependence towards collective self- management within the houses. This journey started with the recognition that as an organisation NOAH had inadvertently created a culture of dependency amongst residents, which was at odds with the aim of the organisation.


Whilst there have been many stops and starts along the way there has been great progress with house residents starting to take greater responsibility for their own lives as well as their house mates.


An example that perfectly demonstrates this progress, was a recent incident over the festive period.


A resident in one of the houses became seriously ill. Two of her housemates immediately took matters in hand, called an ambulance, packed an overnight bag, and safely saw her into the ambulance. They then telephoned her next of kin, explained the situation and told them which hospital she had been taken to.


The staff were only informed of the incident on their return from holiday in January. This episode not only showcased self management in action but clearly demonstrated that in communal living, you are not alone!


Sadly the resident, Marlene Hogan from Mc Nulty, passed away but we are grateful to Noela Maryatt and Andy Cupido for stepping up and taking such good care of her.

From dependence to self-management