The NOAH team aims to be prosperous custodians of NOAH, ensuring that the organisation is compliant, financially secure, capacitated and progressive.


Sustainability is a priority for NOAH, the beneficiaries and the organisation, ensuring the consistent provision of innovative and relevant responses to the needs of social pensioners.


The guiding principle behind NOAH Sustainability is resilience: NOAH must be resilient against any external factors, such as inconsistent funding, policy changes, environmental factors.


NOAH has a detailed Sustainability Strategy that focuses on three key areas: fundraising, generation of own income and cost containment.


Currently NOAH generates 24% of its own income. The aim is to continue to operate within budget and generate 25% of its own income by end 2023.


The intended result is that NOAH is a well-resourced, transparent and effective organisation, has a reliable and diverse funding base, is cost-effective and is able to use self-generated income to grow a reserve.


Everything is possible with your ongoing support and nothing is possible without you.

Thank you.